Instagram Marketing: Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s and Con’s of Instagram Marketing

The use of Instagram by business owners to get new customers has increased. Although Instagram is not popular as other social media platforms, Facebook and twitter, there are some benefits that the, platform has been noted to offer to marketers. It also comes with its drawbacks as discussed.


A picture adds marks in marketing. Instagram offers you an opportunity to share pictures of your products and services. If the viewers associate with the pictures they are likely to turn to potential buyers.

Instagram Marketing: Pro's and Con's

You can use Instagram to share your business contacts so that customers can call you and make orders. You can also use location tagging so that customers can find the location of your business.

Responses in this social media platform are real time. You will get comments from viewers immediately. This gives you an opportunity to communicate with them and convince them to make purchases. Got to our homepage and get the APK file for unlimited Instagram followers while it’s still available!


Instagram will only work for the young crowd. In case you are targeting older clients, who are probably the main customers for many businesses, it will work not work out well. However, there is a chance that they will come back when older.

Instagram has become overcrowded with limited space for advertisers. When you add new pictures, the older ones are likely to disappear. People who are paying for their ads are also likely to stand a better chance of the ads appearing on top.

The platform is not business-minded. It is mainly about celebrities. Many people using the platform are usually wasting idle time. Therefore, it may not bring out a real business picture to users like it would with other social media platforms.

In conclusion, you need to give Instagram marketing a try in your business. It may work out well if you get the right target market. It is also not costly like other marketing strategies.