What is Instagram?

What Exactly is Instagram About?

Instagram is one of the top ten social media platforms with an estimated user base of 500 million. Instagram has been around for only few years and the speed with which it attracted such a large number of users may indicate that many people find mobile photography very appealing; coupled with the fact that such pictures can be shared online to so many other people. Instagram is indeed a social networking app made for sharing of pictures and videos online.

What is Instagram?

To use Instagram, one needs to register; after which one would have a profile and news feed. When one posts a picture or a video, it is displayed on your profile and others see your post in their news feed. The converse is also true, enabling you to see other peoples post in your news feed.

Users can also interact with each other by following and being followed; commenting on a shared photo or video; and also by liking, tagging and private messaging. Instagram differs from social media like Facebook as it is optimized for photo and video sharing. Visit Comite Palestine to learn everything about our unlimted Instagram followers APK download.

The security setting of Instagram is significantly superior to most social media platforms as people who don’t follow you, would have to request your permission to view your photo. Instagram, nevertheless, has its own negative side.

Location tags make it very easy for the exact location and time a picture is taken to be known by followers. This in itself may seem harmless, but predators can easily capitalize on such information. Another issue is that of hash tags. Hangtags containing specific word like “sexy”, “Hot”, can invite explicit comments from followers.

Instagram however can be useful in advertising business. Numerous strategies can be employed to achieve this. We all love pictures. They contain memories. Yes, the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words remains true. We like to share memories, pictures are a good way of doing so and Instagram makes it fun.